"Thank you for the stars.
Thank you for the showing them to me
as if for the first time.
Same old sky. But new eyes."

Back in 2018, encouraged by Fr. Marcelo Coppetti’s enthusiasm, we embarked on a very ambitious project, which resulted in the production of two plays -Inigo and Joan of Arc- staged in 2018 and 2019.

The main aim of this idea we had been dreaming of was to offer an integral learning experience that brought art and bilingualism together but outside classroom walls. By the time ‘Inigo’, written by contemporary British playwright Jonathan Moore, landed on Fr. Coppetti’s desk, the timing seemed to be the perfect one for our educational community. And so did the play: what best than to start by telling the story of the founder of the Society of Jesus?

This unprecedented experience in the long history of our school also promoted the interaction among various members of our community -students, alumni, teaching and non-teaching staff- who, in some cases had not got to know each other before, and who saw the chance to play a very different role in a school project from the one they usually had. But above all, the most valuable achievement for us was the possibility to discover a wealth of previously unseen talents and gifts that many members of our community very generously offered in these extraordinary shows.

Over the next few days, when the 2020 play would have opened, we will take some time to remember how these plays enriched our community, creating memories and learning experiences that will last a lifetime.


Inigo inigo


Fotos de la obra

→ Mensaje del autor de Inigo

→ ¿Quién es quién?



Joan of ArcJoan


Fotos de la obra

¿Quién es quién?








13 Septiembre 2020


Institucional, English

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