Last Friday the second edition of the exchange programme to Great Britain was launched. Students will have the opportunity to travel and spend almost a month there engaged in a variety of activities. The first part of the trip will be spent at Stonyhurst (a Jesuit boarding school) where they will be experiencing life as boarders during two weeks. Over that time they will be attending classes with Stonyhurst students, and taking part in academic, religious and sporting activities, as well as social ones. The second part of the trip will be a cultural experience in which they will be visiting Liverpool, Manchester, York, Edinburgh and London.

2018 GB2019 2Most 5th grade secondary school students were there, as well as the group who had taken part in this programme during January 2018. Students shared their experience and encouraged others to participate, while the accompanying adults, Pablo Michel sj.  and Maria Ines Berasain (Director of English) presented the aims of this activity and the main practical details.

To apply, students in 5th grade who have already passed the FCE exam will need to send an email to [email protected] requesting the form to complete. We will be receiving forms until June 11th.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected].


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08 Junio 2018



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